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Closed Circuit Cooler

Easy to maintain,the huge inside spare space is convenient for people to access to maintain the cooling tower....

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Closed circuit cooler Introduction

As a counter flow closed circuit square cooler, cold air enters from the bottom of the tower through both sides of the tower and then passes upward through the entire heat exchange coil, ejecting water in the opposite direction, and finally discharging it by heat.



1. High efficient evaporation cooling pump: Stable in performance and endurable in use. High floe rate, low lift, low power consumption.

2. High efficiency condensate fan: High quality aluminum alloy motor shell with high anti-rust ability.

Connect directly, with no need of quick wear parts anymore.Low noise, large air volume, stable in use.

3. Designed unit, with automatic digital display, easy to operate and maintain.



1.Easy to maintain

the huge inside spare space is convenient for people to access to maintain the cooling tower

2.Avoiding scaling

water coverage around the tube is due to air and spray water flowing in smooth,patallel, downward path over the coil, promoting dry spots since the water is not stripped from the underside of the tubes by the airflow.

Application of closed circuit cooler

Due to its compact structure and small size, it can be placed in the workshop, so it can be used for medium frequency power supply cooling, mechanical water jacket cooling, etc.; the heat exchange area in the unit space is larger, so it is more suitable for low temperature with small temperature difference (35-30) °C) Cooling projects, such as cooling of water source heat pump units, air compressors, etc.

Packaging and Delivery

Packing Details

1.Two body parts: upper and bottom boxes.

2.Packing with plastic film

3.Shipped by one 40ft container. Upper and bottom body parts are separated in the same container.

Delivery time:

shipped in 30days after payment