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Cooling Tower Closed Loop System

A circulatory system that avoids the direct contact of circulating water and air and causes water pollution....

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Cooling tower closed loop system Introduction

A circulatory system that avoids the direct contact of circulating water and air and causes water pollution. This circulation system is an automatic variable frequency control system. Greatly save electricity and water. Counterflow closed cooling tower.


Main Components


Made of high-quality seamless steel pipes. The coil unit are  made by SS-304/316L stainless steel. Maximum pressure of our coils could reach to 32Mpa.

Spray Pump

Sealed by top quality rotary no-limited machinery seal, no leaking, long lifecycle, small horse power, large flow volume, low noise and high performance.


Axial type;aluminum alloy propeller


SS-304/316L or imported Aluminum-zinc alloy plate, Mg-Al-zinc plate

Electric Water Treatment Device

Clear the circuit water, effectively avoid the scale forming on the surface of coils and PVC fills.

Removable Drift Eliminator

PVC material; Make sure that the water loss rate will be less than 0.002%

Air inet louver

100% Original Material PVC Infill, special design with great cooling effect

Features of cooling tower closed loop system

Compatible with numerous process fluids
(water, water/glycol, oil, other fluids)

Ø Capable and flexible in customized solutions

Ø  Factory assembled for maximal installation convenience

Ø  Modular design suits a wide range of heat rejection duties

Ø  Compact design with minimal footprints

Ø Multiple corrosion resistant options

Ø  Low sound operation options available

Ø  More optimizing options available

Ø  Performance and quality guaranteed

Ø Super long service life


Since the process fluid of a closed loop system is completely isolated from the environment, routine maintenance is only required on the heat rejection equipment itself. The need to shut down the system periodically to clean the heat exchanger is dramatically reduced, if not entirely eliminated. Providing clean process fluid to the system will extend the life of other components in the system (condenser bundles, compressors, etc.).


Water Treatment

Maintaining proper process fluid quality in a system may involve several steps, such as chemical treatment, filtration equipment and the addition of clean make-up water. A closed circuit cooling tower can provide the following advantages over an open cooling tower:

Lower volume of recirculating water to treat.

Process loop requires minimal treatment.

During periods of dry operation, the need for make-up water is eliminated.

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