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Evaporative Cooling Towers

Introduction Evaporative cooling tower uses water and air as cooling medium. It exchanges the heat with high temperature working fluid, the high temperature working fluid release heat into room temperature fluid. It has a water distribution system, cooling coils, inlet grille and so on.......

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Evaporative cooling tower uses water and air as cooling medium. It exchanges the heat with high temperature working fluid, the high temperature working fluid release heat into room temperature fluid. It has a water distribution system, cooling coils, inlet grille and so on.

Condensing coil

1.Material:high-quality seamless steel tube Φ25mm(GB/T8163),S304/S316/s321
2.The design pressure is 1.97Mpa and all the coils have been pneumatically tested 3 times at 2.5Mpa to avoid leakage.

Axial Fan

1.The ventilating system of GWBS adopts the aluminum alloy propeller fan for cooling tower.

2. Advantage: high blowing rate, low damping, low noises, good performance and high efficiency.

3.motor:Fully closed and self-cooled ,low noise, reliable operation, etc.

Water Circulating Pump

1.The Water pump uses a high-quality mechanical seal that is not limited by the steering
2.Motor:special outdoor type motor, the advantage of the motor is low power, high flow, low noise.

PVC Filler

1.Material:PVC honeycomb type stuffing .

2.Use:Extended water cooling time to improve the effect of cooling.

3.Adavantage:aging resistance, low wind resistance and deformation resistance.

Removable Drift Eliminator
1.Material:specially designed non-corroding PVC 
2.Advantage:remove moisture effectively from the moist air .It ia convenient to disassemble.



1.Softened water as the Frozen liquid, no touch the air, no metamorphism, no scaling and keep the best cooling effect.

2.Low circulating water loss.

3. There is water drift eliminator above the spray system, recycling water, recycling steam, save water.

4. It easy change the place, the low operating cost, low maintenance cost

5. Compact struction, small footprint, easy installation.

6. Rare wearing parts, low malfunction, easy maintenance.

Production process


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