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Counter Flow Evaporative Condenser

Counter Flow Evaporative Condenser For Refrigeration

Counter Flow Evaporative Condenser For Refrigeration

Excellent heat exchange performance,Low operating cost and Energy saving,space saving....

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Evaporative condensers are one of the most important components in an entire refrigeration system. The condenser condenses the refrigerant gas in the coil and complete the heat exchange cycle.


The intake air of the countercurrent evaporating condenser is that cold air enters from the bottom of the tower, interacts with the falling spray water to form saturated steam, and then the heat is discharged out of the tower through the fan, and the water is collected into the water tank to continue to circulate. There is no heat-dissipating filler in the tower, which saves more space and increases the radiation area of the coil. It is especially suitable for low-temperature processing fluids.


Main Feature of Counter Flow Evaporative Condenser For Refrigeration 

1.Excellent heat exchange performance

2.Low operating cost and Energy saving,space saving

3.Reliable fixing element

4.Low fault rate

5.Clean Water wheel design

6.Convenient trasportation and installation

Packing and Shipping

1) Generally, two body parts: upper and bottom boxes;

2) Shipped by one 40ft container,upper and bottom body parts shipped are assembled separately;

3) Packing with plastic film to protect evaporative condensers from swearing in the long distance transportation.

Delivery time: 30 working days after payment