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Advantages and maintenance requirements of a closed cooling tower condenser
Feb 23, 2019

The closed cooling tower condenser has high working efficiency and adopts a softened water circulation system. There are no problems such as scaling, clogging and loss in use. Under normal circumstances, the device has a long service life, but the operation is stable, the failure rate is low, and the use is convenient. Since the structure is a fully enclosed circulation system, no impurities enter, no medium evaporates, and no pollution during its operation.

The closed-cooling tower condenser not only has high working efficiency, but also saves production costs. The space occupied by the device is small, convenient to install, move and arrange, compact in structure; convenient in operation, stable in operation, high in automation, automatic switching in multiple modes, intelligent control; medium with wide application and no corrosion to heat exchangers, Can be cooled directly.

Daily maintenance is required during the use of a fluid cooler condenser. Under normal circumstances, the circulating water should be kept changed once a month, or it must be replaced if there is pollution. The replacement of circulating water is determined according to the concentration of solids in the water. At the same time, the hot water tray and the cold water tray are cleaned. If the dirt is blocked, it will affect the cooling efficiency.