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Advantages and saving effect of closed circuit loop water cooling tower
Dec 26, 2018

There must be a certain amount of surplus energy (20%-25%) in the circulating water system of the closed circuit loop water cooling tower. During the operation, the energy can be concentrated at a certain valve, so that the energy is lost in a long time. The external turbine is converted into high-efficiency mechanical energy by using these “rich energy”, so that the cooling tower fan motor can be replaced by 100% for power saving purposes.

Advantages of closed circuit loop water cooling tower

1. The margin value that must be considered when designing the circulating water system.

2. Potential energy utilization of heat exchange equipment.

3. Turbine's own adjustment ability.

4. The kinetic energy conversion efficiency of the circulating water system.

5. The energy consumed by the valve when the valve is not in place.

6. Low flow meets system requirements through a combined re-splitting method.