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Advantages of application of Food Counter Flow Evaporative condenser
Mar 01, 2019

The food counter flow evaporative condenser is suitable for refrigeration systems in food, dairy and other industries. The use of this evaporative condenser can first reduce energy consumption. In fact, as long as the configuration is reasonable and the selection is appropriate, the energy consumption of the other type of water-cooled condenser is reduced by about 15%.

Secondly, it has the effect of saving water. In the process of evaporative condensation, the  food counter flow evaporative condenser mainly removes the condensation heat of the refrigerant by means of evaporation of water, so it takes away the same amount of heat. Other forms of water-cooled condensers need to be used. The amount of cooling water is much larger, and evaporative cooling requires less circulating water, which greatly saves water resources.

The structure of the  food counter flow evaporative condenser is reasonable, the floor space is small, the installation is convenient, and the construction period is short. Moreover, while evaporating and cooling, the condenser, the cooling tower, the pool and the water pump are integrated, and can be placed on the roof, the installation pipeline is simple, there are no other water system accessories, the installation materials are less, the construction period is shortened, and the installation cost is reduced. The  food counter flow evaporative condenser has stable performance, can work stably in a good environment, has improved life, good system reliability and low maintenance cost.