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Air cooled evaporative condenser outdoor design requirements and advantages
Jan 03, 2019

The air cooled evaporative condenser adopts imported or domestic high-quality galvanized sheet when it is operated. The electrostatic spray process can be selected to a certain extent, and the stainless steel plate can be selected for the sump. The fan is used for high efficiency and low noise. Axial fans, dedicated fans have a high range to prevent hot air backflow.

The air cooled evaporative condenser pump is designed for outdoor use with low power, high flow and low lift, and can be equipped with a descaler according to customer requirements. The water, high-efficiency water collector and cooling filler of the whole equipment are mainly made of nozzles with large flow rate and anti-clogging. The continuous and uniform coverage is accurately calculated to prevent the water film from “dry point” on the pipe wall, made of high quality PVC material and anti-aging. The wind-resistant small groove-shaped water absorber controls the water-spraying rate of the water to be less than 0.001%, and the cooling filler is a honeycomb cross-flow structure, which is suitable for circulating water cooling.

The small flow cooling circulating water of the air-cooled evaporative condenser evaporates in the condensing coil, and the ammonia ammonia condenses into a liquid in the condensing coil, so it is called an evaporative condenser. High-intensity evaporation makes evaporative condensers more prone to fouling than other types of condensers, and there is no ideal descaling method. The severely fouled evaporative condenser loses the advantages of power saving. High-quality cooling water is suitable, should be careful when selecting