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Analysis of performance advantages of closed cooling tower
Nov 10, 2018

Closed-circuit cooling towers have obvious advantages and have been widely used in many fields in recent years, such as steel metallurgy, power electronics, machining and air conditioning systems. So what are the advantages of closed cooling towers in practical applications? The details are as follows:


1. Closed-type cooling tower can improve production efficiency, and it adopts softened water circulation, so there is no problem of scaling and clogging in long-term use;

2, can extend the life of the equipment, help to maintain reliable and stable operation of the equipment, reduce failures and improve safety;

3, fully enclosed circulation system, so no impurities enter during the use of the closed cooling tower, no medium evaporation, and no pollution;

4. Small footprint and saving investment costs. It does not require a pool in use, reduces land occupation, and is easy to install, move, and arrange, and has a compact structure;

5. The operation and use of the closed cooling tower is relatively simple, and the operation is stable, the daily maintenance operations are few, the operation and maintenance costs are low, and the whole machine has a high degree of automation;

6, saving operating costs, in use, you can switch between different operating modes and intelligent control;

7. Widely used, the medium without corrosion to the heat exchanger can be directly cooled.http://www.gwbrefrigeration.com/