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Assembly method and use advantages of hot-dip galvanizing coil evaporative condenser
Nov 22, 2018

The small-flow cooling circulating water of the hot-dip galvanizing coil evaporative condenser is evaporated in the condensing coil, and the ammonia is condensed into a liquid in the condensing coil during operation, so it is called an evaporative condenser. High-intensity evaporation makes evaporative condensers more prone to fouling than other types of condensers, and there is no ideal descaling method. The severely fouled evaporative condenser loses the advantages of power saving. High-quality cooling water is only suitable, should be careful when selecting!

The coil of thehot-dip galvanizing coil evaporative condenser is a seamless elliptical steel tube made of high-quality high-efficiency heat-conducting material, which is processed step by step during operation. The pipe is arranged in a cross-flow direction with a compact cross-flow direction. The heat exchange area can be increased in the same volume, and the pipe spacing is large. Under the same airflow condition, the amount of water accommodated between the pipes is increased, the water film thickness is increased, and the heat transfer area is enhanced. The condensing pipe is inclined at a certain angle according to the flow direction of the refrigerant to facilitate the outflow of the refrigerant liquid.

The hot-dip galvanizing coil evaporative condenser is mainly assembled by the upper and lower boxes to a certain extent, and has the advantages of compact structure, small land occupation, light weight, less connecting pipes, convenient installation, etc., which greatly reduces the on-site construction and installation strength and reduces installation cost.