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Classification of refrigeration heat exchangers
Sep 25, 2018

1. Inter-wall 

The wall-type heat exchanger is also called the surface heat exchanger. It uses metal walls (pipe walls and siding) to separate the hot and cold fluids for heat transfer, and the heat transfer process is accomplished by convection and heat transfer between the metal wall and the fluid.

This is the most widely used type of heat exchanger in the refrigeration plant at present. The structure type of the wall heat exchanger is many, shell tube type, fin tube type, casing type, plate fin type, spiral plate and so on.

The shell-tube and fin-tube are used most in refrigeration systems.

2. Mixed type 

Hybrid heat exchanger is based on cold, hot fluid direct contact with heat transfer, this way to avoid heat transfer between the wall and its two sides of the dirt thermal resistance, as long as the contact between the fluid is good, there is a large heat transfer rate.

So where the fluid is allowed to mix with each other, a hybrid heat exchanger can be used, such as washing and cooling of gases, cooling of circulating water, mixing heating between steam and water, condensation of steam and so on. It is used in chemical and metallurgical enterprises, power engineering, Air conditioning engineering and many other production sectors.