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Closed circuit counter flow cooling water tower main role and installation location
Mar 16, 2019

The main function of the closed circuit counter flow cooling water tower is to exchange heat between the cooling water carrying waste heat and the air inside the tower body, so that the waste heat can be transmitted to the air and dissipated into the atmosphere. The generic term "cooling tower" is used to describe direct (open circuit) and indirect (closed circuit) heat sinks. The cooling tower is sprayed onto the glass fiber filler by spraying the circulating water. The packing provides a larger contact surface and achieves heat transfer through contact of water and air.


The airflow in the closed circuit counter flow cooling water tower circulates, and the hot air flow after heat exchange with the water is taken out to achieve cooling. The air in the indirect or closed circuit cooling tower is isolated from the cooling water. Unlike an open cooling tower, the fluid cooler has two separate fluid circuits. The cooling tower is used to achieve a certain cooling effect, and the cooling effect depends on the heat sink and the fan air volume.


The amount of water used in the cooling tower, ventilation conditions, and installation location will also have a certain impact on its effectiveness. Next, let's take a look at the cooling fin cooling fan and fan air volume impact on the cooling system: First, the heat sink: is the key component of the cooling tower, the small tower is generally PVC sheet hot pressing or hot suction, large tower meeting The main purpose is to make the contact surface between air and water not to affect the wind resistance, the bigger the better, and the heat exchange rate also reaches the maximum. The two parameters of the heat sink affecting the heat transfer effect are mainly the shape and height of the heat sink. When installing the water tower, try not to damage the heat sink to avoid the water flow of the heat sink.