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Closed circuit fluid cooler compact structure and scope of use
Mar 14, 2019

Closed circuit fluid cooler internal circulation, in the process of operation, its circulating water will effectively enter the surface cooler after heat exchange by its heat source, and send heat to the outside through its surface cooler during operation, after cooling The circulating water is then sent to the heat source by a water pump.

 The external circulation of the Closed circuit fluid cooler, when the operation is carried out, the spray water is directly sent to the spray system by the water tank. After the water is sprayed, it is in contact with the surface cooler to exchange heat, and part of the hot steam is discharged through the fan. The cooled spray water falls to the sink and is circulated again.

Compact Closed circuit fluid cooler

Compared with the cross-flow type of the closed-Closed circuit fluid cooler, the product structure is more compact, and there are more heat dissipation area arrangement of the coil, which is more suitable for cooling projects with smaller temperature difference. The overall system of the closed circuit cooling tower: because the cooling tower occupies a small ground, plus the circulating water pump, it can be made into an integrated machine, which is convenient for moving.

 The scope of use of closed Closed circuit fluid cooler: Because the tower body is compact, it can be placed in the workshop. Therefore, the medium frequency power supply is cooled, and the cooling of the mechanical water jacket is suitable. It is especially suitable for projects with small temperature difference, such as the cooling of the water source heat pump unit.