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Cooling effect and precautions for closed circuit fluid cooler
Jan 31, 2019

Compared with the traditional cooling tower, the closed circuit fluid cooler is optimized and improved in structure.

It is suitable for various cooling systems with high requirements on circulating water quality, and has application prospects in the power, chemical, steel, food and many industrial sectors.

At the same time, the cooling effect of the closed circuit fluid cooler is also more obvious.

The reason why the good cooling effect can be achieved is because the tubular heat exchanger is placed inside the closed circuit fluid cooler, so that the cooling effect can be ensured by the heat exchange between the circulating air, the spray water and the circulating water.

Because it is a closed cycle, it can ensure the water quality is not polluted, which protects the efficient operation of the main equipment and prolongs the service life.

If the outside temperature is low, the sprinkler system can be turned off to reduce water consumption. In recent years, closed-circuit cooling towers have been widely used in steel metallurgy, power electronics, mechanical processing, air conditioning systems and other industries.

According to different process characteristics, closed circuit fluid cooler run all day in winter, some run in part time, and some are almost unused.

But all need to consider the issue of antifreeze. If the closed cooling tower does not need to be operated during the winter, the spray water and internal circulating water must be drained during shutdown.