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Cooling requirements and structure of counter flow closed circuit cooling tower
Jan 14, 2019

Counter flow closed circuit cooling tower are mainly used to make use of water and air contact, and to some extent, through evaporation, to dissipate waste heat generated industrially or in refrigeration and air conditioning.

The dry air passes through the pulsation of the fan and enters the cooling tower from the wind network. The saturated steam flows to the low-pressure air for the high-temperature water molecules with high pressure, and the hot and humid (high enthalpy) water is sprinkled by the water-spraying system. Inside the tower.

Counter flow closed circuit cooling tower structure

1. The counter flow closed circuit cooling tower uses a high-efficiency low-pressure centrifugal atomization device (head pressure: 0.035MPa) as a cooling element when it is used. [The packing and water distribution of the traditional packed tower are used to make the whole tower almost Become an empty tower and the structure is greatly simplified.

2. After the unfilled spray cooling tower is removed from the packing and distributed water, the atomizing device is installed above the inlet duct, and the water is sprayed in the same direction as the cold air drawn by the axial fan.

At the same time, there are two processes of rising and falling water, and cooling also has two processes of downstream cooling and countercurrent cooling.

3. The non-filler spray cooling tower sprays water into a mist through the atomization device, so that the air and the water are uniformly contacted by the tiny particles. The packed tower distributes the water on the filler through the water jet nozzle to contact the cold air in a film form.