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Driving operation and operation check of ammonia refrigeration evaporative condenser
Oct 31, 2018

Before the ammonia refrigeration evaporative condenser is operated, it is necessary to start the fan first and pay attention to check whether the ammeter pointer indicates normal. Then start the water pump and observe that the ammeter pointer should indicate normal, confirm that the condenser has been properly supplied with water and check that the spray nozzle is evenly distributed. After all is normal, the refrigeration compressor and other refrigeration equipment can be started in accordance with the operating procedures.


At the same time, in the operation of the ammonia refrigeration evaporative condenser, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following inspections:

The fan and pump are running stably, in good condition, without abnormal noise, and there is no abnormal jitter problem, and the motor temperature rises normally.

The hydroelectric processor is operating normally.

The water level is normal, the float valve has no jamming, the switch is flexible, and the water supply is normal.

At the same time, please pay attention to the index of the intake pressure gauge at any time, the gauge pressure should be kept within 1.5Mpa.

Generally, the ammonia-cooled evaporative condenser should be kept once a month. If the system is not equipped with a hydro-electrical treatment device, remove the scale and sludge 1-2 times (depending on the water quality) from half a year to one year. The scale thickness should not exceed 1.5. Mm. Check the effluent with phenolphthalein reagent (paper) every month. If the equipment leaks ammonia, the test paper will change.