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Evaporative condenser product features
Oct 22, 2018

In the evaporative condenser, the condensing coil is specially made of high-quality steel pipe and has been subjected to rigorous testing. The evaporative condenser cabinet is made of high-quality galvanized sheet, and can be electrostatically sprayed. The sink can be made of stainless steel. Moreover, the fan also uses a dedicated high-efficiency fan that operates with low noise.


The pump is usually designed with low power, large flow, low lift, high range, and can be equipped with a descaler according to customer requirements. Evaporative condenser water, high-efficiency water collector and cooling packing use large flow, anti-clogging nozzles, precise calculation of continuous and uniform coverage, to prevent the water film "dry point" on the pipe wall.


In the operation of the evaporative condenser, the cooling filler is usually a honeycomb cross-flow structure, and therefore it is mostly cooled by circulating water. It should be noted that the severely fouled evaporative condenser loses the advantages of power saving. Therefore, it is recommended that only high-quality cooling water is applicable, and this should be taken into consideration when selecting the type.http://www.gwbrefrigeration.com/