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Heat exchanger evaporative condenser parking operation and maintenance of mechanical sealing system
Oct 29, 2018

After the heat exchanger evaporative condenser has been used, it should be stopped according to the specifications. The first is to stop the pump operation and stop the water electronic processor. Two minutes after the pump is stopped, the fan operation is stopped to dry the water on the condensing coil and to sufficiently cool the ammonia solution.


Note that when operating at low temperatures in winter, if the outdoor temperature is below zero, then after stopping the pump operation, be sure to drain the water from the water pipe to prevent freezing of the water pipe. In order to prevent the condensing pressure from being too high during the operation of the evaporative condenser of the heat exchanger, the air entering the refrigeration system and the non-condensable gas are too much.


During the use of heat exchanger evaporative condensers, maintenance of important components should also be enhanced. For example, the lubricating fluid that should maintain its mechanical seal is clean and free of solid particles. Do not work when the mechanical seal is in dry grinding. The pump (motor) should be transported several times before starting the equipment to avoid breakage of the seal ring caused by sudden start.http://www.gwbrefrigeration.com/