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How to cool the spray-enclosed cooling tower
Feb 27, 2019

The spray-enclosed cooling tower has the advantages of stable performance, low operating noise, energy saving and water saving, and low maintenance. During the operation, the spray mist is uniform, no clogging, and no maintenance. The water was sprayed into a tiny droplet of 0.5 mm due to the cooling element of the unfilled cooling tower (high efficiency low pressure centrifugal atomization device).

In comparison, the cooling effect of a spray-enclosed cooling tower is significantly better. During its operation, the gas-water heat transfer surface area is large and the water distribution is uniform.

It avoids the uneven distribution of temperature at the cooling point caused by dead zone and channel flow caused by aging deformation and clogging of the filler.

Moreover, the service life has been extended. This type overcomes a series of phenomena affecting the performance of the tower and process equipment, such as aging of the packed tower packing, deformation and embrittlement, blockage and flushing of the water jet nozzle, blockage of the filler chip, pump and heat exchanger. 

Spray-enclosed cooling towers are less expensive to operate and cost-effective. The system resistance during the operation of the non-filled spray tower is small. When the cooling water volume and the fan are the same, the supporting motor power is reduced to 60% of the packed tower, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. In addition, the cost of cleaning and replacing the packing and the cloth nozzle is eliminated, and the operation is eliminated. The cost is greatly reduced.