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Industrial refrigeration ammonia evaporation condenser working principle
Feb 16, 2019

In the working process, the industrial refrigeration ammonia evaporation condenser mainly uses the evaporation of water to take away the heat released by the industrial refrigeration ammonia condensation process. The high temperature gaseous refrigerant enters the coil from the upper refrigerant inlet of the coil, and sprays outside the coil. The water and the air exchange heat, and the gaseous state is gradually condensed into a liquid state, and flows out from the lower refrigerant outlet.

The cooling water of the industrial refrigeration ammonia evaporation condenser is diverted in the process of returning to the water tank, forming a thin water film on the surface of the heat exchange layer filler, and falling back to the sump after secondary cooling, the cooling water temperature is further reduced, and the heat transfer is enhanced. effect. A water level regulator is provided in the sump to automatically replenish the amount of cooling water.

Structural characteristics of industrial refrigeration ammonia evaporation condenser:

1. The key components are specially processed by special process, with good anti-corrosion performance and long service life.

2. The special design of the condensing coil structure makes the coil arrangement more compact and the heat transfer efficiency is high.

3. The dehydrator has high water removal efficiency and consumes very little water.

4, the use of anti-blocking spray nozzle, water spray is even and powerful and not easy to block.

5, the use of high air volume low noise axial flow fan, aluminum alloy impeller, moisture-proof motor.