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Main advantages and space requirements of water cooled evaporative condenser
Jan 24, 2019

The water cooled evaporative condenser has the advantages of power saving, low noise, small floor space and long service life when used. Such equipment has been widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially in humidity. The heat exchange effect is higher in other regions with higher temperatures.

Contrast operation saves a lot of electricity and water, ideal replacement for condensers and other forms of coolers, and has a high use value.

Main advantages of water cooled evaporative condenser

1. The water-cooled evaporative condenser integrates the cooling tower, condenser, circulating pool, circulating water pump and water pipe, which reduces the cooling tower, circulating water pump and water pipes, and reduces the treatment in the cooling tower/condenser system. The cost of installing a single component. Since the evaporative condenser utilizes the evaporative cooling heat exchange method efficiently, the heat exchange area, the number of fans, and the power consumption of the fan motor can be effectively reduced.

2. Space-saving evaporative condensers save valuable space by combining the condenser coils with the cooling towers, and there is no need to require larger pumps and lines to the cooling tower/condenser system. Evaporative condensers require only about 50% of the windward area of an air-cooled condenser of the same specification.