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Main composition and selection method of heat transfer evaporative condenser
Nov 13, 2018

The heat transfer evaporative condenser has high heat exchange efficiency, long service life and wide application range. The main components include: direct-coupled axial flow fan, condensing coil, circulating water pump, water distribution system, PVC heat exchange layer. , water pump filter and automatic water supply system, high efficiency dehydrator, elliptical low internal rib heat exchange tube and electronic descaling instrument.


In order to achieve better results, we need to master the correct selection method when purchasing the heat transfer evaporative condenser. First, the total heat removal required by the refrigeration system should be clarified (the cooling capacity under the corresponding working conditions of the compressor + the shaft power under the corresponding working conditions = the total heat removal); the second is to determine the design conditions, the condensing temperature and the local wet bulb temperature. Next, according to the heat rejection calibration coefficient table, the correction coefficient is determined, and the corrected heat rejection is determined.


Then combine the above parameters with the standard heat rejection meter to select the appropriate heat transfer evaporative condenser. The standard heat transfer should be equal to or greater than the calculated corrected heat rejection. If the refrigeration system uses a screw compressor, the cooling water of the oil cooler is calculated from other methods, and the calculated heat rejection is calculated by subtracting the heat of the oil cooler.http://www.gwbrefrigeration.com/