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Maintenance requirements and gravity of cross flow closed circuit cooling tower
Jan 10, 2019

In the process of making the cross flow closed circuit cooling tower, the silent type large-blade fan is mainly used, so that the noise at the air outlet of the cooling tower is lower, and the whole equipment mainly adopts the gravity pool type cloth water. The spray water enters the basin type watering basin, and then passes through the nozzle under the action of gravity, spraying the lower heat exchange filler and the closed cooling tower heat exchanger. After passing through the heat exchanger, it naturally flows into the bottom collecting pan.

The cross flow closed circuit cooling tower completely eliminates the damage caused by debris and scale in the cooling water system to a certain extent. The cooling water that has been softened during use is closed in the system, and is directly in direct contact with the external environment during operation. To a certain extent, eliminates the efficiency reduction and fouling caused by floating objects, dust, harmful ions, etc. entering the cooling water system and accumulating.

Optimized layout of new heat exchangers and packings for cross flow closed circuit cooling tower for maintenance and maintenance

More convenient: The optimal layout of the new heat exchanger and high-performance filler makes the maintenance and cleaning of the heat exchange coil and packing easier and more convenient. The adoption of the new fan further improves the performance: the new fan blade designed by the three-coordinate inverse solution method is made by integral steel die pressure casting and subjected to strict dynamic balance test, the exhausting capacity is improved, and the running noise is further reduced.