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Operating principle of heat exchanger evaporative condenser
Feb 25, 2019

The heat exchanger evaporative condenser is structurally designed to form a condenser coil and a cooling tower as a whole, which not only saves space but also simplifies the overall structure. Moreover, the outer casing of the evaporative condenser of the heat exchanger should be made of a material that is not easy to rust, and has a beautiful appearance and is easy to process.

During the operation of the evaporative condenser of the heat exchanger, the spray water is used to pump the water in the sump to the spray pipe at the top of the condenser, and is sprayed through the nozzle to the outer surface of the condensing pipe to form a thin film. In the water film, part of the water in the water film absorbs heat and evaporates into water vapor, and the rest falls into the sump, and the water supply pump is recycled.

At the same time, under the action of the fan, the air is sucked from the top and the lower part of the side wall and passes through the coil. The packing and saturated hot humid air are discharged into the surrounding atmosphere, and part of the water droplets entrained in the hot humid air are intercepted by the water collector, which is effective. Ground control of water droplets loss, loss of water vapor into the atmosphere in the system by the heat exchanger evaporative condenser float valve control to supplement the cooling water.