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Performance and application of closed-circuit cooling tower
Feb 21, 2019

One of the advantages of a closed-circuit cooling tower is its high thermal performance, which can be divided into three cooling sections in the application. The cooling water is located in the packing in the tower, the water is from top to bottom, and the air is from bottom to top, and the two flow in opposite directions. In the first cooling section, the water distributor is in the space of the top of the packing. The water temperature in this section is higher, so the heat can still be transferred to the air. The second stage is to carry out the heat exchange section between the filler water and the air.

In the third stage of the closed-circuit cooling tower for cooling treatment, the packing reaches the cistern space shower section, and the water is cooled in this section as the “tail effect”. That is to say, in the same situation, the counterflow tower is about 20% smaller than the crossflow tower, and the heat exchange process of the counterflow tower is more reasonable and cold.

In addition to the higher cooling effect, the water distribution system of the closed-circuit cooling tower is more stable, and there is little problem of clogging, and the watering filler is kept clean and not easy to aging, the moisture return is small, and the anti-freezing ice is easier. Multiple units can be combined to design, and in winter, the required water temperature and water volume can be combined into a single operation or all the fans can be stopped. The installation is easy to install and repair, and the cost is low. It is commonly used in air conditioning and industrial large and medium-sized cooling circulating water.