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Performance evaluation method for Closed Circuit Loop Water Cooling Tower
Nov 17, 2018

The Closed Circuit Loop Water Cooling Tower is sorted out by the cooling tower acceptance test or performance test, and the performance of the cooling tower should be evaluated. The evaluation index is determined by the evaluation method used, and the cooling water temperature or the cooling capacity (the ratio of the measured gas-water ratio to the designed gas-water ratio) is used as the evaluation index. The closed-circuit cooling system principle also has Use other evaluation indicators.

Performance evaluation method for Closed Circuit Loop Water Cooling Tower

1. According to the calculation of cooling water temperature evaluation

According to the thermal characteristics and the resistance characteristics expressed by the cooling equation, the cooling water temperature under design or other conditions can be comprehensively calculated.

According to the design conditions and the measured thermal and resistance characteristics, the cooling water temperature is calculated and compared with the design. If the former value is equal to or lower than the latter value, the cooling effect of the cooling tower reaches or exceeds the design value.

2. According to the measured cooling water temperature evaluation

Through the acceptance test, the cooling water temperature of the tower under a set of working conditions is measured. When it is used, it is due to the difference between the test conditions and the design conditions. It needs to be compared by conversion. The comparison method is: the measured condition will be measured. The conditions are substituted into the performance curve provided by the design or the calculation method and formula used in the design to calculate the cooling water temperature. If it is higher than the measured one, the actual cooling effect of the newly built or rebuilt cooling tower is better than the designed one.