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Prospect analysis of evaporative cooler and closed cooling tower
Feb 07, 2019

Closed-type cooling tower, also known as: closed cooling tower, evaporative cooler, etc., mainly relies on the evaporation of spray water outside the tube to remove heat. In theory, the cooled fluid can be infinitely close to the ambient wet bulb temperature, which can be cooled. The fluid gets the maximum temperature drop; because the cooling fluid loop is closed and is not affected by environmental pollution, the possibility of system fouling is reduced, which is beneficial to the efficient operation of the system; the coil technology reduces the connecting parts and minimizes the maximum The possibility of system leakage is more suitable for fluid cooling systems that require higher system tightness.

The closed cooling tower is an important component of the soft water closed circulation cooling system. The soft water closed circulation cooling system has obvious advantages over the old cooling tower open circuit cooling system: safe and reliable operation; significant water saving effect; low operating cost; and solves the problem of cooling water corrosion on the cooling wall; A room temperature deaerator has been added to the system to solve the problem of oxygen corrosion. As a main equipment in the system, the closed cooling tower has the characteristics of water saving, energy saving and good cooling effect.

The equipment has been widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical and electric power industries. The closed cooling tower as a new type of energy-saving heat exchange equipment has a very good application prospect in this system. The closed cooling tower is suitable for the cooling water system of blast furnace soft water closed loop, continuous casting and continuous rolling mold soft water closed loop, heating furnace soft water closed loop, blower, motor, rolling mill and other equipment in the metallurgical industry; Claw, main steam valve, Zhonglian door, water pump seat, water pump bearing, fan bearing, generator, motor and other equipment or equipment to be cooled; ammonia condensing in refrigeration plant, condenser cooling water system of air conditioning system; refinery chemical plant Cooling oil cooling at low temperatures, condensation cooling of various overhead oils, condensation cooling of steam and other process media. In the current national water resources and energy shortages, vigorously promote energy conservation and water conservation, in the metallurgy, electric power, oil refining, chemical, refrigeration, light industry and other industries with high energy consumption and water consumption, vigorously promote the closed-closed cooling tower It has very important economic significance and great social benefits.

In recent years, with the improvement of energy-saving requirements of air-conditioning systems, closed-cooling towers, which rely mainly on natural cold sources to provide cooling capacity, can be used as auxiliary cooling equipment or as cooling equipment in the autumn and winter seasons. Equipment is used. Therefore, in the field of electric power, metallurgy, chemical and building air conditioning, closed cooling tower has broad application prospects.