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Refrigerant evaporative condenser workflow
Nov 03, 2018

The refrigerant evaporative condenser is a high-efficiency energy-saving heat exchange device, which is more efficient and economical than other similar products in practical applications. In addition, the simple structural design makes the air inlet smooth and small, so the refrigerant evaporative condenser is suitable for use in harsh environments, and is especially suitable for the application of large-scale refrigeration and heat exchange processes.


Generally, the refrigerant evaporative condenser not only has high heat exchange efficiency, but also has a long service life. In its operation, the high-temperature superheated vapor refrigerant discharged from the compressor enters the condensing coil from the upper part, and the cooling water is sent from the circulating water pump to the spraying device on the upper part of the condensing coil, and the water is evenly sprayed by the nozzle to the condensing tray. On the surface of the tube, a water film is formed, and the high temperature superheated refrigerant in the coil exchanges heat with water and air outside the coil. The axial fan forced air to pass through the condensing coil and the cooling water, and the refrigerant in the tube is gradually condensed into a liquid state by the vapor state, the refrigerant in the tube is condensed and released, and the cooling water outside the tube is evaporated to absorb heat, so that part of the spray cooling water becomes When water vapor passes through the water collector, the water is recovered and the humid air is discharged outside the equipment.


Moreover, under the action of forced suction, a negative pressure is formed in the condensing coil box of the refrigerant evaporating condenser, which further strengthens the evaporation of the spray water, improves the heat exchange effect of the unit, and the process of the unvaporized water falling It is cooled by air and evenly dropped into the water collection tank for recycling. The inlet valve automatically replenishes the cooling water in the water tank to maintain a certain water level to ensure normal circulation.