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Selection of R717 ammonia evaporative condenser
Jan 29, 2019

Before selecting the appropriate R717 ammonia evaporative condenser specification, the heat transfer amount calculation is required: the function of the evaporative condenser is to discharge the heat in the mechanical refrigeration system to the environment, and The heat to be removed is the sum of the heat absorbed in the evaporator and the heat input from the compressor.The heat exchange capacity of each evaporative condenser corresponds to the design value under his specific working conditions.

In this way, under different working conditions, the correction coefficient corresponding to the R717 ammonia evaporative condenser will be different. First determine the total heat removal required by the system, then determine the design conditions, condensation temperature and wet bulb temperature, and determine the correction factor, then multiply the total system heat by the correction factor to determine the corrected heat rejection.

In general, the R717 ammonia evaporative condenser has lower system power and is more energy efficient than conventional air-cooled and water-cooled systems. Moreover, the condensing temperature of the system using evaporative cooling is low, the exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature, and the temperature of the lubricating oil are correspondingly reduced, the operating conditions of the compressor are improved, the machine is operated under a good environment, the life is improved, and the compressor is extended. Fault operation cycle, increase system reliability and reduce maintenance costs.