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Technical characteristics of stainless steel evaporative condenser
Oct 26, 2018

In comparison, stainless steel evaporative condensers have the advantage of corrosion resistance and are mainly used in the corrosive gas cooling and condensation processes of some chemical plants. The device adopts the design of induced draft and primary heat transfer. The heat transfer depends entirely on the surface of the coil unit. The air enters from the lower part of the evaporative condenser at a low speed, and is discharged from the upper part of the evaporative condenser at a high speed to saturate the heat and humidity. The return flow of air is reduced to a minimum.


The stainless steel evaporative condenser not only has strict material selection, but also has advanced structure design. Among them, advanced large-volume sprinklers are specially equipped to drench the water to maximize the heat transfer coefficient. Moreover, there is no clogging during long-term use, reducing surface fouling and improving the efficiency of equipment use.


In the process of careful design and production, after repeated test tests, ensure that the stainless steel evaporative condenser has no leakage. The condensing coil and its fittings are treated by high-temperature hot-dip galvanizing. The thickness of the zinc layer is higher than 0.05mm. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can prolong the service life of the equipment.