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The calculation method of heat transfer coefficient
Sep 25, 2018

The stable heat transfer equation is: Q=KF△tm KJ/h Formula: q--heat transfer, KJ/h;F--Heat Exchange area, m;△tm--the log average temperature difference of hot and cold fluid, ℃; K--Heat transfer coefficient, KJ/(M h ℃); 

One of the single-layer flat wall heat transfer coefficient: 5ab5c9ea15ce36d3c2218ebd30f33a87e950b111.jpg

In the formula: α 1, α2--two heat exchange surface of the heat coefficient, KJ/(M h ℃);

1/(α1), 1/(α2)-Two variated (M h ℃)/KJ for the unit area of the heat exchange surface;

Thermal conductivity of λ--heat exchange wall material, KJ/(M h ℃), heat conduction thermal resistance of unit area of 1/λ--heat exchange wall, (M h ℃)/KJ; △--thickness of heat exchange wall, M.