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The unique advantage of cross-flow cooling tower closed circuit
Feb 25, 2019

As a kind of cooling tower, the overall structural design of the cross-flow cooling tower closed circuit is quite special. For this reason, in practical applications, the application of this series of cooling towers can completely eliminate the damage caused by debris and scale in the cooling water system and reduce equipment failure.

In addition, a new type of heat exchanger is specially used in the closed-circuit cooling tower closed circuit, which simplifies the installation and replacement work. At the same time, the problem of poor drainage and residue is easily solved after the technical improvement. For the user, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine is also simpler, and the cleaning operation is simpler and more convenient.

In general, the overall performance of the cross-flow cooling tower closed circuit is excellent, especially the use of new fans has further improved its use. Furthermore, the spray piping has been internally internalized, and the spray piping is installed inside the cooling tower, eliminating the need for external piping, which makes the external appearance of the tower more beautiful and reduces the cost of on-site piping. In addition, the production of the cross-flow cooling tower closed circuit is also strictly in accordance with the standard, so as to ensure the good performance of the equipment.