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The working principle of the closed-type cooling tower
Sep 25, 2018

1, closed-type cooling tower is actually an evaporative cooling tower, cooler and wet cooling tower combination, it is a horizontal evaporative cooling tower, process fluid flow in the tube, air in the pipe outflow, the two do not contact each other. The closed-type cooling tower is a kind of deformation and development of the traditional cooling tower. The water in the reservoir of the bottom of the tower is pumped from the circulating pump and sent to the tube to be sprayed evenly outside.

It is not in contact with the process-type fluid hot water or refrigerant and outside the tube, it becomes a kind of closed cooling tower, and the effect of heat and mass transfer is enhanced by spraying water. 2. Closed-type cooling tower is suitable for various cooling systems which require high circulating water quality, and has the application prospect in power, chemical, steel, food and many industrial sectors.

On the other hand, compared with the air-cooled heat exchanger, the evaporative cooling tower uses the latent heat of evaporation in the side water of the tube, which makes the air side have a significant enhancement and has obvious advantages.