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Use efficiency and heat exchange area of water cooled evaporative condenser
Jan 21, 2019

The water cooled evaporative condenser adopts the design of the induced draft and the primary heat transfer during operation. The heat transfer depends entirely on the surface of the coil unit, and the air enters from the lower part of the evaporative condenser at a low speed, and the evaporative condenser is driven at a high speed. The upper part is discharged to decelerate the reflux of the hot humid saturated air to a minimum.

The water-cooled evaporative condenser adopts advanced large-volume spray device, which can cover the pipe wall to maximize the heat transfer coefficient. The structure of the device is advanced, no clogging phenomenon, reducing surface fouling and improving equipment efficiency. The cabinet adopts imported or domestic ST102 high-quality super galvanized sheet, optional electrostatic spray technology, and the tank can be selected from 304 stainless steel.

The coil of the water cooled evaporative condenser is processed by a seamless elliptical steel pipe made of high-quality and high-efficiency heat conductive material. The tubes are arranged in a cross-flow direction with a compact cross-flow direction. The heat transfer area can be increased in the same volume, and the distance between the tubes is large. Under the same airflow condition, the amount of water accommodated between the tubes is increased, the water film thickness is increased, and the heat transfer area is enhanced. The condensing pipe is inclined at a certain angle according to the flow direction of the refrigerant to facilitate the outflow of the refrigerant liquid.