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Advantages Of Evaporative Condenser
Sep 25, 2018

1. Low system operating cost The condensation temperature within 8.3 ℃ of the wet bulb design is very practical and economical, the result is that the compressor power than other cooling tower/condenser system to save at least 10% of power consumption, and compared to the air-cooled condenser system to save 30% of the power consumption, fan power and cooling tower/condenser system fan consumption of equivalent power, and about the same specifications of air-cooled condenser fan power of 1/3.

Due to lower pump head and lower water flow, the power of the pump is approximately 25% of the pump power required in the common cooling tower/condenser system.

2. Save Initial investment The evaporative condenser integrates the cooling tower, condenser, circulating tank, circulating water pump and water pipe, thus reducing the cooling tower, circulating water pump and water pipe and other equipment, as well as reducing the cost of handling and installing individual components in the cooling tower/condenser system.

Because the evaporative condenser uses the evaporative cooling heat exchange method efficiently, it can effectively reduce the heat exchange area, the number of fans and the power consumption of the fan motor.

3. Space saving Evaporative condensers save valuable space by combining condenser coils and cooling towers, and there is no need for larger pumps and pipelines to be needed for cooling tower/condenser systems. Evaporative condensers require only about 50% of the windward area of the air-cooled condenser of the same specification.