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Freeze-Proof Of Closed Cooling Towers
Sep 25, 2018

Northern Region winter temperature is usually below 0 degrees, closed cooling tower operation antifreeze problem is increasingly prominent, if the solution is not good, may freeze bad heat exchanger or cooling tower other components. According to the different process characteristics, the closed-type cooling tower has a full-day winter operation, some part of the time period of operation, and some almost do not.

But we need to consider the problem of antifreeze.

1, the winter basic use of the occasion antifreeze measures If the closed cooling tower is not required to operate in winter, the sprinkler and internal circulating water should be emptied when the machine is shut down.

Internal circulating water is recommended to use more than 4 kilograms of pressure compressed air forced emptying, carbon steel tube heat exchanger is not recommended to use the method of emptying to freeze.

2, part of the time period of operation of the occasion freeze-proof problems

There are two parts to the freeze-proof of the closed cooling tower: The sprinkler system and the internal circulating water system (softening water). The anti-freeze problem of the sprinkler system usually increases the electric heater in the water tray, generally opens when the spray water is below 5 ℃, and 8 ℃ or more stops. The temperature probe transmits the signal to the control cabinet and automatically controls the start and stop of the electric heater.

The power selection of electric heater is determined by circulating water and outside temperature. Antifreeze in the internal circulating water system can be added to ethylene glycol solution or additional electrical heating equipment.

The freezing point temperature of ethylene glycol solution is required to be below the minimum local history temperature.

For larger cooling systems, it is possible to consider digging the water into the pond, which can save the electricity cost due to the electric heating operation, and can also put the medicine in the pool to improve the water quality of the sprinkler.

3, perennial operation of the occasion freeze-proof problems Year-round closed-type cooling tower, if equipped with an electronic control system, may be due to the main system load changes to bring the cooling tower number of changes in operation, so also need to consider the problem of antifreeze.

Unused equipment can be drained before winter to freeze.

With the development of science and technology, closed-type cooling tower will inevitably usher in greater development and application space.