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Influence Factors Of Refrigeration Heat Exchanger
Sep 25, 2018

Heat transfer equation can be obtained by heat exchanger, the main way to improve the efficiency of heat exchanger is to improve the heat transfer coefficient, heat exchanger structure of the influence of the heat transfer coefficient can not be changed, the effect of fouling on the heat transfer coefficient only rely on cleaning and improve, therefore, improve heat exchanger coefficient is mainly to improve the heat transfer coefficient on both sides In the heat transfer process, if the heat transfer "heat flux density" does not change with the time, known as the stable heat transfer process; Conversely, if the heat transfer density changes with time, it is called unsteady heat transfer process.

In refrigeration units, the general heat transfer process is considered to be stable heat transfer.

The heat transfer effect of the evaporator is the same as that of the condenser, which is also affected by the heat transfer coefficient of the refrigerant side, the thermal resistance of the surface dirt and the heat exchange coefficient of the cooling medium, and the heat resistance of the surface fouling and the heat transfer coefficient of the cooling medium are the same as the condenser, but the heat transfer coefficient of the refrigerant side