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Installation Of Closed-type Cooling Tower
Sep 25, 2018

1. Selection of mounting positions Closed-type cooling tower suitable for installation in the shelter or with the external environment has good ventilation conditions indoors, In the air exhaust direction space must not be less than 2.0m, so that the closed cooling tower in the work of the cooling fan discharged from the air to the outside environment, in the cold water machine side condenser inlet wind direction should be 1.5-2m space, to ensure the normal working environment of closed cooling tower.

Unit requirements placed on the basis of a solid level, the unit should be left around a certain working space, in order to facilitate the operation, inspection and maintenance.

2. For the engine room with poor ventilation, it is recommended that the air duct be added, and the heat from the unit will be ejected outdoors.

3. Installation of waterways

A. The installation material determines: Closed cooling tower before the factory has been strict testing and inspection, the user just according to the scene and a full set of heating equipment floor plan to put the device in place, by the user technical staff carefully read the water cooling system manual "water cooling schematic", and according to the situation to determine the water pipe length, gate valve, elbow, live connection, direct,

Tee and other pipe fittings and the corresponding hoses and hose clamps, connect the cooling water circulating piping system.

B. By the user technical personnel according to "water-cooled schematic diagram" guide the plumber to install the waterway.

4. Installation of electrical appliances According to "electrical schematic" connection circuit, the client only need to direct power to use. It is recommended to choose between 1.25-1.3 times times the total current of the closed cooling tower and other auxiliary equipment, such as a water pump, when the closed cooling tower line diameter is optional. When the unit is distributed, the supply voltage requirements: The rated voltage ± 10% or less.

When the voltage fluctuation exceeds the specified range, no starting closed cooling tower, otherwise considered improper operation, the damage caused by the company is not within the scope of maintenance.

5. Rinse the piping and add water to the tank

After installation, add the appropriate amount of tap water, open the pump flushing line, use a few days later, and then drain the tap water to fill the box (500kg or 1000kg) soft (or distilled) to normal use.

6. Spray Tank with water After the installation, you need to add tap water to the spray sink, which is about 2/3 of the total volume (or automatic adjustment of the access tube routing automatic water supply).

Wash the spray tank regularly to avoid affecting the spray effect.