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Product Features Of Evaporative Condenser
Sep 25, 2018

1, the condenser coil tube uses ultra-long special-purpose pipe, in the water by 2.5MPa pressure rigorous test, the whole in nearly 430 ℃ high temperature hot dip zinc.

2, the box adopts imported or domestic high-quality galvanized sheet, can choose electrostatic spray technology, set the sink can choose stainless steel plate.

3, the fan selects the special high efficiency, the low noise axial flow fan, the special fan has the high range, prevents the hot air backflow.

4, the pump uses small power, high flow, low head for outdoor design and can be installed according to customer requirements descaling instrument. 

5, cloth, high-efficiency water collector and cooling filler using a large flow, anti-clogging nozzles, precision calculation of continuous uniform coverage, to eliminate the wall of water film "dry Point", high-quality PVC material, anti-aging, wind resistance small groove water-absorbing device, the water floating rate control under 0.001%, cooling filler for the honeycomb type cross-flow structure,

Suitable for circulating water cooling 

6, small flow cooling circulating water in the condenser coil evaporation, gas ammonia condensation in the condenser coil into a liquid, it is called evaporative condenser. High-intensity evaporation makes evaporative condensers easier to scale than other types of condensers, and there is no ideal descaling method. Serious fouling of evaporative condenser has lost the advantages of power-saving.

High-quality cooling water is applicable, the selection should be cautious!.