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Structure And Working Principle Of Countercurrent Closed Cooling Tower
Sep 25, 2018

Closed-type cooling tower is an application form of tubular indirect evaporative cooler. The structure is shown in the following diagram, which works as follows: When the closed cooling tower is working, it is divided into three parts:

(1) A one-side heat exchange cycle: one-side (outer cycle) circulating hot water flow through the closed cooling tower coil, divided into four stages for heat transfer: i) first a hot solution of heat I through convection heat transfer to the inner surface of the coil tube: 2) through the tube wall heat conduction to the outer surface of the coil: 3) The outer surface of the coil is circulated by heat to the outside flow of the water membrane. We finally passed the water film from evaporation and convection heat transfer to the air.

(2) Two-side pre-cooling cycle: three-side (self-circulating) sprinkler water from the cooling tower under the water tray. Pumped to the cloth water system. A special scattered head is sprayed onto the heat dissipation material. The latent heat is exchanged with the air, the pre-cooling is carried out to the coil group, and a stable water film is formed on the outer wall of the tube. The absorption tube medium transmits the heat profundity, finally returns to the water plate, so circulates not oneself.

(3) Air circulation: The fan will cool the tower outside the unsaturated air suction tower. Airflow through the coil, heat dissipation material and two side of the spray water for latent heat and heat exchange absorption, and then through a special water-retaining device for gas-water separation, and eventually close to saturated wet air out of the tower.

Through the above three cycles and four stage heat exchange, the closed cooling tower is cooled to the desired temperature by the secondary thermal solution to return the system to maintain its normal operation.