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The Significance Of Operation And Maintenance Of The Closed Cooling Tower
Jan 23, 2019


After the closed cooling tower is completed, it must be checked and accepted before it can be put into production, so that problems can be found and dealt with in time. In addition, special attention should be paid to the main dimensions of the closed cooling tower and the elevation of each component. In addition to the installation and antifreeze equipment, it should also check whether the closed cooling tower meets the design and construction technical requirements, and the quality of the installation is good.

Such as closed cooling tower inlet and outlet water pipes, pipe trenches, sinks and collection tanks, as well as installation accessories, stacked beam gates and other conditions. When accepting mechanical ventilation cooling towers, special attention must be paid to the installation quality of the ventilator, especially if the centerline and balance are correct, the installation angle of the fan blades meets the requirements, and whether the clearance between the blades and the fan casing maintains the values specified by the manufacturer. . Before the closed cooling tower is put into operation, it is necessary to find out whether there are any debris left in the cooling system during construction and whether the overflow sewer has been connected; it must also be checked, there are main and auxiliary pipelines and channel filtering. The position of the net and shut-off device is correct.

When the closed cooling tower collecting tank is filled for the first time, its water level should reach the highest level. After the circulating water pump is put into operation, the water must be continuously supplied from the outside until the whole system is filled with water. At the same time, in the process of filling the circulation system, care should be taken to prevent the circulation pump from being interrupted due to the lowering of the water level in the cooling tower sump. If cooling towers need to be drained during winter shutdowns, take measures to prevent water in the pipelines, ditches, wells and sump from freezing.


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