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A: Pre-sale service


The clients will know us better through consultaion,referring to production technology,equipment, , product highlights etc,.At the same time ,we have a chance to meet the actual requirementsof the customers.

2.Technial communication and choose suitable products

We designate specialized technical personnel and business personnel to make technical communication and business disclosure with you, and provide technical suggestion to design the most suitable solution.

3.The clients will know advanced technology, reasonable price, and reliable product performance.

B: Sale Service

We work closely with design department to ensure the smooth progress in design work. And we always actively listen to you for perfect design, and try our best to coordinate with you to meet your needs.

C: After-sales Service

1. When the product is sent to the user, our company will assign relevant personnel to confirm with your company and sign the product acceptance form.

2. Provide detailed installation guide and during installation and debugging equipment, our company can send the experienced senior engineers on the ground to ensure the product running smoothly.

3. Ready to help our clients solve the problem any time

4. Spare parts supply timely.

5.Acceping the customers’feedback and opinons patiently